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It is said that when you travel Japan around 60% of tourists from foreign countries are limited to Tokyo and its nearby cities. A lot of vacationers are missing out on the very fascinating cultural wonders and sights that can only be seen in the rural areas of the country. What’s more, your stay in this beautiful country will not be complete without experiencing its natural beauty.


The lovely sceneries are commonly found in the rural landscapes, featuring tranquil lakes, amazing forests, majestic mountains, and more.

To truly enjoy your vacation and discover different marvels that you will not find elsewhere, you should make it a point to visit several of these top tourist attractions situated in various provinces:

  •     Jigokudani Monkey Park

Not only will you get to see one of Japan’s most famous hot springs, but here you can witness wild snow monkeys seeking warmth in the steaming water. This place is surrounded by steep cliffs and dense forests.

  •    Mount Fuji

You have probably heard of this renowned mountain already.

With its brilliant symmetrical cone figure, it is certainly a favorite symbol of Japan and is often found on photographs and art works. If you are into hiking and mountaineering, this should be a great adventure for you.

  •     Golden Pavilion

Also known as the Kinkaku-ji, this temple was initially intended as the relaxing and beautiful retirement home of Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu way back during the 14th century. The radiant gold leaf exterior and the excellent architecture stands out in a pond and surrounding gardens.

  •     Kiyomiz-dera Buddhist Temple

This temple that can be found in Eastern Kyoto is another tourist attraction that you should not miss.

With an amazing indoor waterfall that represents its oneness with nature plus the number of exquisite art works found inside, people who come get to truly absorb the culture of Japan.

  •     Himeji Castle

As one of the premier castles of the country, this particular castle is a classic favorite of travelers.

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It holds deep historical roots tracing back to the year 1333. The lavish architecture is a great masterpiece in itself, indeed a fantastic spot to learn more about Japan art, culture, and history.

When you travel Japan, make it a point to visit some of these delightful places so that you can make the most of your vacation and be able to look back on marvelous memories and pictures that genuinely represent Japanese culture.

Everyone is encouraged to travel to Japan, despite some obvious difficulties that one might come across.


 One of the specific difficulties that one may face would have to be the fact that there are some areas and establishments that are not traveler-friendly in the sense that there are no signs that are translated into any other language for a foreigner’s comprehension. For many parts of rural Japan, preserving the purity if their language (and signs) is part of preserving their identity. Therefore, when you travel Japan, it is wise to either have a grasp of the Japanese language or, better yet, have a trustworthy guide.

 Some rural areas are said to be part of a package for when you travel Japan, but you are being warned right now that a good number of these rural areas can no longer be considered truly rural tourism will have likely tainted the place and some of the nuances of the culture will have been lost in the overwhelming sea of tourists.

 Travel Japan friendly

While not exactly tourist-friendly, some areas out of the itinerary provides a better means for a person to immerse himself or herself in “real” Japan.

Some may even go as far as to say that this is the only true way to travel Japan.

In this section of the site, we will be providing you with information that you may want and need when you travel Japan. This would include a listing of lodgings, wonderful attractions to visit, activities to participate in (most notably, visiting the hot springs), travel agencies that offer competent guides, money changers and best seasons for visits.