Are you interested in Japan History and doing something valuable in a rural Japan area?

Whether you are a native Japanese in search of a meaningful mission or a foreign visitor who wants to experience something unique that you will never forget.

You are very welcome to join any one of the volunteer programs available in the rural areas of the country and learn about Japan history at the same time.

These days, a lot of individuals and organizations from the metro areas engage in such activities for greater exposure to Japanese traditional life and it’s history, a better appreciation of culture and heritage, a boost of nationalism, a chance for reflection, and the amazing feeling of fulfillment in helping people.

Visit to the Elderly

There are a few homes for the aged and local care centers for the elderly scattered across various rural Japan regions. These institutions often welcome volunteers to help out in taking care of the elderly, talking to them, and entertaining them.

You can volunteer for just a few hours or one whole day or even an entire week. Indeed interacting with these people can give you exceptional learning and wonderful memories.

Snow Shoveling Challenge

During the winter time, one of the most tedious tasks for locals is to shovel off the snow from their roofs. If you are in Japan around this time, you can volunteer to help out. At the same time, you will get a chance to know the locals and find out more about their traditional way of living.

The Farmer’s Life

There are plenty of ways that volunteers can help out when it comes to farming.

For example, you can go during the harvest season in order to aid elderly farmers in collecting the vegetables and other crops from the mountains and fields. This is done during spring time. Furthermore, you can also help in planting, tilling, and even preparing the harvest for market.

Nature’s Best

In order to educate more people about nature, it is necessary to continuously update records and maps of local flaura and fauna.

This is valuable for other purposes as well such as for tour planning, environmental development, and record-keeping.

Hence this is one area where you can assist too. In addition, you can also help clear the underbrush for the upkeep of nearby mountain forests.

Indeed there are many ways that you can volunteer to keep Japan rural areas preserved as well as to help other people.

Whichever you pick, it will surely give you a sense of fulfillment and a chance to break away from the bustling city and modern lifestyle in a significant way.


Japan History

Japan history is also counted as one of the most fascinating aspects of Japan, though this does not include the particular chapter of their history in which they have allied themselves with the Germans.


Rather, the Japan history that attracts most people are the more “romantic” eras, the ones that dealt with the samurai culture, daimyos, warrior codes and the like. In particular, the Edo and Meiji periods (often tackled in shows, books, comic books, etc.) are considered to be the most adaptable and interesting eras of Japan history, which is probably why even foreigners can have comprehensive knowledge of these periods.

The element of romanticism despite the apparent sterility of Japanese social structures as (both are) depicted in Japan history is perhaps what makes the country even more mysterious. As bound to honor as the people were (or were expected to be) many of the most loved stories were not so strict or clean-cut.

That being said, Japan history is essential to the complete understanding not only of Japanese culture and tradition, but also the sensibilities of the nation’s language, its people, and its taboos. You will also be able to better appreciate the temples and castles left by eras past.

In this section of the site, we will be providing you with a detailed outline of Japan history, with links and featured articles for more extensive research on particular events that you may want to look into. This outline includes everything from Early Japan to the Postwar Period.