Rural Japan bike excursions


Planning to explore rural Japan with your family?

One great activity that you can engage in is a bike expedition that will allow you to take in the fantastic sceneries of nature while also learning more about Japanese traditional life.

Indeed this kind of tour will give you a chance to bond with each other and have fun together, especially if you book or plan for a 2 or 3-day biking journey.

Rural Japan the surroundings.

Enjoying the Natural Surroundings on a bike excursion, you can take it slowly so that you and your spouse and children will get a chance to really savor the beautiful natural surroundings.

Fields of greenery along with the majestic mountains will surround you and relax you as you take your time going through rolling hills, river valleys, mountain roads, and highland plateaus.
Going through forest trails and hiking up some mountains can be part of your itinerary too.

Not only will these activities give you a chance to exercise and discover more of nature, but you can also learn about plants and their traditional uses as you go along.

One activity you can incorporate too in your nature tripping is to go fishing in a lake or river. You might just end up with a nice fat trout to cook on your next stop.

Exploring the Old Villages

At present, the rural folks in these areas still live the traditional way of life more or less. Hence, by seeing such villages and the traditional homes as well as talking to some of the locals, your family will be able to learn a lot about the culture and history of the place.

You can get educated on Japanese customs and even folklore.

Trying Out New Activities

Along the way, you can opt to engage in a myriad of interesting activities.

If you pass by a sake brewery, for instance, you can watch a live demonstration of how this famous wine is processed.

You can even participate and enjoy a free taste.

If your children are into arts and crafts, it would be good to get a chance to visit a pottery or woodcraft site and also engage in outdoor crafts from time to time.

rural japan

Cycling (Photo credit: tejvanphotos)

You can also ask the tour guide ahead of time to prepare materials for the painting of traditional etegami (painted post cards).

Picture going through this exciting biking tour with your family, and you will surely want to that rural Japan vacation as early as possible.

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