Travel to Japan


When you travel to Japan and aside from the famous peach blossoms and the bustling metro and shopping districts, there are a lot more wonderful sights you can visit.


Many vacationers do not realize that the real beauty and adventure lies in the well-preserved rural culture of the country. Hence it is best to ensure that you drop by some of the places in the countryside to get a feel of it and to truly enjoy what Japan is all about.


Natural Wonders

You will feel at peace surrounded by the beautiful Japanese natural landscapes. There are plenty of majestic mountains, lovely fields, serene lakes, rolling hills, and amazing greeneries that will make you appreciate nature.

Travel to Japan

You may opt to visit some well-known national parks such as the Shikotsu-Toya National Park and Daisetsu-zan National Park.

You will also want to experience dipping in Japan’s wonderful hot springs like the Sekigane On-Sen and the Nobori-Betsu On-Sen.


 Sacred Temples

It is very interesting to visit the sacred temples in Japan’s rural areas too. This way, you will get a glimpse into the religious life of the Japanese and how it played a major role in their lives.


You can explore Tohoku, for instance, where you will find a sacred temple on top of a mountain buried within breathtaking scenery.

Here you will also be able to go back in time by seeing nostalgic villages and meeting people who can tell you more about the unique and beautiful culture of rural Japan.


Grand Castles when you travel to Japan

There are also grandiose castles to go to in some areas. The Himeji Castle, for example, is one of the most visited by tourists and even locals.

Travel to Japan

Dating back to the year 1333, it remains to be reminiscent of Japanese castle architecture despite some reconstructions done.

When you explore the interior, you will find yourself picturing the fascinating folklore stories in the area that were said to have taken place here.

You will also learn more about the way people lived before. Indeed this castle is considered to be Japan’s best along with the Matsumoto Castle and the Kumamoto Castle.

When you travel to Japan, it is advisable to do some of your own research on the many different spots you can go to depending on your preferences and interests.

There are plenty of noteworthy rural places to survey in the country.


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