Japanese food


Everyone has, of course, heard of Japanese food – there are some who hate it, particularly for the raw elements of sushi and sashimi (not to mention seaweed), and some who simply love them not only for their presentation, but also for their health benefits.

Of course, it is quite disrespectful to believe that Japanese food is limited to sushi, sashimi, and soy products like tofu.

Japanese food repertoires also include noodles that are served in broth and served in dipping sauce and rice-based snacks and meals. Meat-based viands (dishes that are meant to be eaten with rice) also exist, and so does okonomiyaki, a “savory pancake” that is best loved in Osaka and Hiroshima.

Apart from the general food that are associated with Japan, there are in fact dishes that could only be found in certain places in Japan, mostly because they are traditional food that are mainstays in particular villages, cities and the like.

Japanese food

This is why it is sometimes best to try and visit rural Japan, because some dishes in the standard areas of tourism may not allow you to experience local variations on certain dishes. They say that the best way to sample food in Japan is to try them in less popular areas.

In this section of the site, we will be providing you with a listing of Japanese food and beverages that you may want to try.

Japanese food.

Traditional Japanese New Year food. Each dish symbolises a wish for the New Year, such as the golden potatoes symbolise gold. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aside from this, we will also be posting a list of table manners that are expected of you when you partake in a traditional Japanese food establishments. This will include special emphasis on the use of chopsticks. We will also feature a simple Japanese recipe every once in a while.