Truly the Land of the Rising Sun


Japan land of the rising sun

Japan is an Island nation part of East Asia.

For many people, Japan is known to be the “Land of the Rising Sun” but to some Rural Japan is also the Land full of Ancient History and Mysterious Secrets. Japan has been the leading country when it comes to modern technologies and successful business venture. For the past years, they have been introducing new aspects to robotics and other means of communication. But everyone knows that behind that success, there’s always the “other” face that Japan also has to offer.

Rural Japan.

Is the other face of this technological nation. With all those scientific researches, nuclear power etc., rural Japan has stayed to be abundant when it comes to their culture and traditions. And when it comes to their tourist spots and historical places, they were never the last and they always preserved the oldest buildings and places for the sake of the new generation and for the world to see.

The Latest Devastating News on Japan.

tsunami on japan

The Massive Tsunami that Hit Japan


Just last year, Japan’s most powerful earthquake ever has struck the North-East coast, triggering a massive tsunami. About 400km (250miles) of North-East Tokyo was struck by the gigantic waves of Tsunami leaving a massive damage to nation’s infrastructures. The disaster left 350 deaths of people and about 500 missing. Fear was all over the nation when the said nuclear power plant is on the area of the quake but then Japan has shut them down safely. Even with so much disaster, Japan has stayed to be firm until the present time and they continue their lives and start anew.

Rural Travel in Japan.

Rural Japan has a lot of good citing to see. One of the most rewarding cite to see is the Shikoku Pilgrimage and if you’re lucky, you can also experience their festival where you’ll be amazed on their way of life and some of their strong local flavors. So if you’re planning to visit this nation, you should be very excited. But first, what should you do before traveling so this big country? Well, you should know that 99% of Japan’s population speaks Japanese. That means it’s very rarely that you encounter someone who speaks English fluently. The good thing to do is bring some interpreter with you or someone who’s very familiar with the place for you to make the most out of your visit. Or better yet, just contact your travel agency for them to arrange everything and for you to have a safe and fun vacation.