Lately Japan as a concept has turned into some sort of futuristic setting, earning a reputation for being a technological mecca with special thanks to their focus on the field of robotics.

If it’s not being thought of as that, there is also the matter of its association with things like anime, manga, and the otaku culture in general. While modern Japan is really interesting in many respects – it has fascinating offshoots in the realm of fashion and the like – it cannot be said that rural Japan is not deserving of interest in itself. In fact, it can be argued that rural Japan – the Japan that is not necessarily associated with Tokyo or any other major metropolis area of the country – is the best means of getting to truly know Japan as a nation.

More than anything else, rural Japan shows off all the best aspects of Japanese traditions and cultures, from its religion to its traditional cuisine, to its architecture and performing arts. Only rural Japan may best showcase these cultural gems to those who choose to seek it. With breathtaking evidence of respect for nature and the concept of balance and harmony, it is in rural Japan that one could truly understand the nation’s soul. This domain is dedicated to everything that rural Japan has to offer to an outsider and more.